Monday, 23 June 2014

Interiors: Vintage Loft in New York!

Следобеден отскок до Ню Йорк в много интересния и екстравагантен дом на Hossein Jarouche - дизайнер от Сао Пауло. Пълен е с винтидж предмети, лампи и какви ли още интересни придобивики, нека го разгледаме заедно!

Afternoon escape to New York in this interesting and extravagant home of Hossein Jarouche - designer from Sao Paulo. This loft is really impressive with many vintage furniture and eye-catching lamps!Let's take a look together!

Източник/ Source: Nicety Deco

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  1. The wolf turned into a rug and bear made into a wall ornament are brutally disgusting. How can people disrespect animals so much?